A holistic solution, much in need today, that addresses all underlying IT infrastructure challenges into one interface is what we call IT Infra in a Box.

The Core capabilities of "IT Infra in a Box" include:

We believe that NPOs can dynamically determine the IT needs when a holistic solution is considered with changing business dynamics. "IT Infra in a Box" solution is an Infrastructure on Demand that addresses Performance, Security and Availability from the following perspectives:

With On-Demand Infrastructure, Ready to access the Talent Pool, 99.99 % Uptime, adherence of SLAs that will address NPOs challenges such as Cybersecurity, Remote Working, Funding goals and meeting mission. This approach primarily helps in shortening project implementation cycles whether it's in private or public cloud.


Performance And Availability

Performance monitoring of Customer IT environments include monitoring for base-line parameters and extrapolation of utilization for growth that will help in capacity planning and recommendations to Customer

Our Services Include:

  • 24*7 Monitoring
  • Capacity Planning & Optimization
  • Email and Calendaring
  • Messaging & Communications

On-Demand Provisioning

The ever-changing business dynamics and market scenarios have resulted in many enterprises to look at IT investments more granularly. Because an enterprise's demand on computing resources can vary drastically from one time to another, maintaining sufficient resources to meet peak requirements can be expensive

Our Services Include:

  • Virtual Machines
  • Azure VDI
  • Database
  • Web Apps
  • Storage

Breakthrough Innovations

Our breakthrough innovations cover constant evaluation of products and solutions available in the market to meet nonprofit challenges. Our objective is to enable nonprofits to create an innovation culture and organizational alignment with market dynamics and expectations

Our Services Include:

  • Leveraging AI for Social Cause
  • Automation of Mundane & Repetitive tasks
  • Intelligence on constituents' management
  • Consulting & Strategy Architecture
  • Cloud Migration

Business Continuity

Our business continuity is a comprehensive planning and preparation to ensure that an organization will have the adequate capability to continue critical operations of business functions during emergency events

Our Services Include:

  • Incident Response Plan
  • Communication Plan
  • Key Business Process Documentation
  • Testing BC Plan periodically
  • Implementation of Critical Data Backup

Security And Compliance

Nonprofit organizations have low priority for cybersecurity measures to protect their donor's and members' data. More than 80% of nonprofits don't have a cybersecurity strategy. According to Charity Digital, 98% of charities surveyed recognize cyber security is of paramount importance

Our Services Include:

  • Security Monitoring
  • Advance Threat Protection
  • Remediation Management
  • Escalation Management
  • Vulnerability Management

Managed Services

Our managed service consists of monitoring, managing, and providing agreed SLAs to ensure optimum performance of IT infrastructure backbone 24x7x365

Our Services Include:

  • Help-Desk Service
  • SLA Management
  • PC and Mobile Device Management
  • Desktop Management
  • Network Management