Nonprofits must adopt technology to improve their functioning and transparency. Technology these days is at the core of the evolution of any organization as it also helps nonprofit organizations to stakeholders and builds long-lasting relationships. NPOs must create awareness and leverage technology to engage with possible contributors.

While profit organizations exploit technology to obtain optimum results, nonprofits stay at the receiving end as they are not well-versed at harnessing the benefits of technology, owing to various constraints like lack of funds, shortage of workforce, and the lack of technological know-how and so on.

Dell commissioned Vanson Bourne found that 96% of nonprofit organizations are experiencing a lack of the latest technology developments. Also, 82% of nonprofit leaders rate IT readiness among their top three challenges.

The top technology drivers are:

  • To increase IT services efficiency and free up staff's time
  • Securing Donor's data.
  • Freedom to work Remotely.
  • Providing more efficiency to troubleshoot IT issues.
  • Digital Transformation

NPOs should mutate their DNA and adopt a professional mindset when it comes to the integration of technology. NPOs must adopt technology to make their operations more efficient and cost-effective as charitable organizations

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