How Can Nonprofit Organizations Find The Right Managed Service Provider?

How Can Nonprofit Organizations Find The Right Managed Service Provider?

Nonprofit organizations range from small to large, corporate and educational, spanning many industries and handling numerous initiatives. Managing even the small to medium-sized nonprofits is taxing with all operations, finance, fundraising, and building community awareness while working from their overall mission and following governance rules. 

When your nonprofit lacks technology as its primary focus, usually, there isn't a dedicated expert team for handling the technical aspects of your business. While being resilient to cyber-attacks and keeping up with the technology landscape can help improve several areas for nonprofits. The nature of running a nonprofit and the budget needed for an in-house IT team don't seem cost-efficient. 

A solution to this is to have technical experts keep pace with the technology needs. Working with a Managed Service Provider or an MSP can allow nonprofit organizations to have an IT team without any financial load and responsibility an in-house would require. Also, they can focus on your businesses, fundraising, and other program activities you're your business. 

Tips To look for an MSP for a nonprofit organization

Working with an MSP can help nonprofit organizations grow their business and see how to take advantage of technology resources.

We have highlighted the vital factors of an excellent nonprofit-MSP relationship: 

Understanding of the nonprofit sector

The nonprofit sector has a set of specific characteristics that sets it apart from other businesses. An MSP must understand the essential parts of a nonprofit organization to understand its mission and tech goals.

Focusing on your mission and goals

An MSP with experience and expertise working with nonprofit organizations will first focus on your mission and goals. They will make nonprofits understand how technology can support their mission and help target their communities. An MSP also inform services and technology needed for your case. An MSP knows how to align technology with your mission to help you drive your business.

They give back to the community

Social impact and purpose-driven experience are at the forefront of running a nonprofit and finding an MSP with the same ideals. An MSP supporting NPOs use their business talent, expertise, and knowledge for the good of the community and encourage NPOs to do the same. 

Employees at MSPs appreciate the opportunity to have paid time off (VTO) each quarter to tell NPOs that MSPs are helping the local community and that a portion of their spending benefits their communities.

Vendor relationships

The right MSP will work with best-in-class, forward technology vendors to provide NPOs with the best service. Access to the best cloud providers, hardware solutions, and security tools, along with the best pricing, can support nonprofit organizations with their mission.  With the help of an MSP, the Child In Need Institute claims that technology has improved its mission by providing real-time insights and triggering alerts that have saved more than 200 girls from trafficking and child marriage.  

Final words

Thus a Managed service provider can help nonprofit organizations adopt the digital transformation to support their mission. We at FourD enable philanthropic organizations with technology and resources  to inspire positive change through our offerings, "IT Infrastructure In A Box."

It's time to establish a relationship with us, who will be your partner to run your mission.

With a decade of experience, we at FourD help you achieve your goals and tackle significant tech challenges to expand your organization's impact. Through our "Proprietary Transformation Model," we can design budget-friendly technology services that maximize your nonprofit's return on investment so that you can better serve the community.