Tech Adoption and Social Impact – Do both have any direct correlation?

Tech Adoption and Social Impact – Do both have any direct correlation?

New technology is emerging and transforming how we interact with the world. Technology in the Nonprofit Organizations (NPOs) is integrated slowly than other sectors, resulting from many NPOs having restrictive budgets and a more traditional or conservative mindset.

However, for NPOs, technology makes it possible to operate more efficiently, reduce costs, and secure more funding while scaling their services to serve their communities. 85% of nonprofit leaders believe technology is critical to the success of their organizations, but only 23% of them have a long-term strategy.

The problem is that tight budgets, competing for funding priorities, and pressures to keep overhead low prevent nonprofits from tech adoption that can increase their social impact.

How Can Technology Bridge The Gap?

Outdated technology and processes impede productivity. Scalable, reliable, and new tech stakes aren't nice to have, but it's a need for nonprofit organizations.

For many nonprofit organizations, the journey to find and leverage the right technology to move their missions forward is discouraging. The right technology forethought can help nonprofit organizations to reach more people with their programs, achieve more funds, connect with donors, and generate innovative ideas by embracing the digital community.

According to NetChange, only 11% NPOs view their organizations' approaches to digital as highly effective.

Due to the technology gap, NPOs don't have the funds, resources, or expertise to obtain the same level of sophistication as For-Profit companies technologically. They face unique challenges in today's world.

Communication And Collaboration

Good communication and collaboration are essential parts of an NPO organization. Nonprofit organizations best support their mission by spending strategically, increasing organizational efficiency, and collaborating with their stakeholders. Also, collaboration with other NPOs can help them reach their goals by optimizing efforts.

With better collaboration and communication through technology, breaking down silos is likely to improve effectiveness and help more people. Tech adoption can significantly increase a nonprofit's ability to collaborate by creating more accessible and more open lines of communication globally.

Donor's and Member's Security

Donor's data is valuable for nonprofit organizations and even more precious to the people who provide it. 69% of nonprofits accommodate working from home for all staff due to the pandemic. More and more people working remotely can increase the chances of hacks exponentially. 

Thus, the pandemic has increased the chances of cybersecurity risk for Nonprofit organizations, and some of them aren't adequately prepared.

The amount of spam nonprofits receive has increased by 170%, and spear-phishing attacks by 321% in 2021. Securing the organization's data has become challenging for nonprofit organizations.

In May 2019, one of the biggest nonprofit agencies in western New York experienced a massive data breach. Since NPOs rely on the goodwill and trust of their benefactors, protecting members' and donors' data is a mission-critical priority. Technology adoption can transform nonprofit operations to continue to impact the world's most critical social issues. 

Increase Fund Raising

The nonprofit organization aim for fundraising goal or needs to refresh its existing fundraising approach. Technology can help NPOs raise funds and connect with their stakeholders for any successful campaign. Using innovative tools and structures to support their good social missions and engage their donors in new ways is what NPOs can achieve through tech adoption. From streamlining the dononation process to boost your support, cultivate your digital brand to support a culture of transparency.

Accomplish Their Mission

Adoption technology has proven over the years to be a cost-cutting option for NPOs that lets you do more with less. NPOs haven't come to embrace it as strongly as they should. Daily, nonprofits need to expand their donor base, increase mission impact, and maintain financial security- technology can help NPOs accomplish it.

Tech adoption can help NPOs reach new donors, boost outreach, and secure financial data without putting a massive dent in the budget. Plus, the money they can save can be used toward their mission.

Keep Your Complainant's

NPOs have to be dedicated, ethical, influential, and lean, and the use of technology can make a substantial difference. Tech adoption can help NPOs keep their compliance on track. NPOs can better align with their values and their goals. Every dollar NPOs save through tech adoption is another dollar that's available for their community.

Final Thoughts

NPOs can adopt technology that can be integrated into their organization through endless ways that simplify processes, provide insight into their operations and allow organizations to have a deeper and more complete understanding.

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