How Is Virtual Communication helping NPOs During Pandemic?

How Is Virtual Communication helping NPOs During Pandemic?

Nonprofit organizations have shifted to remote working environments due to the immense impact of the pandemic. While every organization has been impacted differently, no NPO can say that they’re operating the same as pre-pandemic.

With the rise of social distancing and the requirement for many NPOs to work remotely, they need to leverage technology to stay connected with the donors and stakeholders.

 The connectivity is essential for soliciting donations, building relationships with stakeholders, enabling professional development, and much more. A Virtual culture allows you to care for your people, employees, volunteers, donors, partners, beneficiaries while stabilizing and growing your operation.

Let’s discuss some of the benefits of Virtual Communication for NPOs

Enabling Better and Faster Communication

Virtual communication helps NPOs to understand their communities and their needs better. Many people join NPOs to share their values and purpose. For geographically dispersed NPOs, these values and purposes need to shine brighter than ever. Leaders can be online and in-person to help build their cultures. Technology acts as a platform that allows NPOs to constantly stay in touch and collaborate with people inside and outside their organization.

Operating Remotely

Remote work is challenging for NPOs, but there is no exception during a pandemic. NPOs need to coordinate the work of their employees and volunteers and collaborate with partners and organize projects. Many need virtual communication to raise funds, interact with donors and better serve their community, which isn’t easy when you are miles apart.

Engaging With Members And Donors

NPOs to stay on the same page even when they’re miles away from each other. You can send messages from any device, allowing you to stay connected on the go. Virtual communication using technology facilitates better communication with volunteers, helping coordinate them during events, fundraisers, and other activities.

Connecting Through Virtual Meetings

During the pandemic and post-pandemic, NPOs can’t imagine working without virtual communication. Given that most NPOs globally are working remotely, remote meetings have become a way to connect with donors and members.

The screen sharing feature acts as a powerful tool to deliver your messages and pitch in front of members, donors, and stakeholders. NPOs can hold brainstorming sessions with their communities and share their thoughts in real-time.

Online Fundraising

The current pandemic has wide-reaching effects on NPOs. Despite the real threat posed by COVID-19, the need to support their mission remains unchanged. More and more communities are relying on local nonprofits, yet many are experiencing new challenges to fund their causes.

Social distancing has compelled nonprofits with spring fundraisers to find new ways to engage supporters and members during critical fundraising season. Using virtual communication to expand the reach outside of the traditional gala is a new concept for NPOs. With the use of technology, Corks & Forks supported their fundraising gala in April, which turned out to be one of their most successful fundraisings.

Multichannel Advocacy

The pandemic has demanded virtual hosting of fundraising and donations for NPOs. Nonprofits rely on donations to survive, and fundraising has been challenging adimst COVID-19. Virtual multichannel strategies will prove essential for nonprofit leaders looking to both stabilize their operations and reassure supporters. Advocacy is more important than ever in 2020 and beyond for NPOs.


In conclusion, NPOs are creating technology-enabled connectivity for their contributors. The solution is for every need, so you can stay on-purpose and thrive. Adopting a digital workspace experience will have lasting benefits, not only for your employees, volunteers, members, and donors but also for the health and resilience of your organization.

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